Welcome to our e-shop, www.docaofficial.com.

The aim of the website docaofficial.com is retail sales via the internet.

The owner of this electronic shop is company “COSMOMODA SA” with its registered office on Egnatia & Symmachiki Odos Sts. (Oreokastro Overpass) in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, Postal Code 57013, P.O. Box 312. The Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the company is 998756383, while the competent Tax Office is the Tax Office for Commercial Companies in Thessaloniki. Contact telephone numbers are 2310 695950, 2310 695951, 2310 695952, 2310 695953, while the fax is 2310 695954 and the contact e-mail style@doca.gr.

The present terms of use govern transactions, purchases, returns, consulting services, the use of the data on the website, the protection of personal information and the safety and security of every user’s transactions.

At your entry or your registration with www.docaofficial.com it is deemed that you agree and unreservedly accept the present term and conditions of use. For this reason, you are asked to carefully read this text and in case you disagree or disagree in the future with part of all of the terms, you must immediately contact docaofficial.com.

The website docaofficial.com may amend the terms of use without prior warning, it suffices to publish them in its e-shop , simultaneously noting the amendment date.

1. Intellectual property

The contents of the website, comprising of texts, images, photographs, logos and trademarks and the software are the intellectual property of COSMOMODA FASHION ARTICLES SA. The copying, reproduction and use (partial or in whole) of the content for commercial objectives without the prior written consent of COSMOMODA FASHION ARTICLES SA is strictly prohibited. The copying and storing in digital format of the informational material and photographs and only on a personal computer not connected to a network is permitted so long as it pertains to personal and not commercial use.

2. Limitations to Conduct and Use

Users must:

Not publish material or, in general, the actions they perform not to bring about for company COSMOMODA SA criminal or civil or administrative liability. The publication of illegal, aggravating, defamatory, abusive, threatening, gross, indecent, harmful or otherwise inadmissible material is strictly prohibited. In every case any material posted must abide with the relevant Greek and European legislation and the codes of conduct.

To provide true personal and product delivery information. The password entered at the registration must be unique and personal and in case where its theft is ascertained, users must immediately inform COSMOMODA SA. In case where there is any change to the personal information provided, said information must be immediately updated.

Not to acquire unauthorized access to material and not to store or publicize any material protected by intellectual rights without the consent of the benefactor.

No to publicize material which contains any form of advertisement or promotion for products or services.

Not to publicize links leading to addresses outside docaofficial.com

COSMOMODA FASHION ARTICLES SA reserves the right to deny the publication of material which does not abide with the aforementioned rules or is deemed harmful for its interests. Moreover and for the same reasons it may erase material already published. In such case users are requested not to attempt to re-upload and re-publish such particular material.

In case where due to some incompatible action by some user, company COSMOMODA SA is obliged to pay any form of compensation, then this particular user is obliged and liable to pay said amount to the company.

3. Limitation of liability

The informational content of the website docaofficial.com which comprises of texts, photographs and videos originates from the same sources and after having been treated and processed by COSMOMODA SA specialized staff is uploaded on its internet site. In case where any problem is ascertained users are called to immediately inform docaofficial.com in order for the later to check and correct the material in question.

3.1 Out-of-stock

docaofficial.com lists a wide range of more than 10000 products. New orders are dispatched within a few business days, depending on the customer's registered address and country. During sales and promotions periods the delivery time might be slightly longer than normal. In case some products while available in the e-shop are not physically available due to a general lack of suppliers or their withdrawal from circulation in Greece or due to force majure or bad weather conditions or if due to some other reason it is impossible for them to be delivered to docaofficial.com, the company assumes no responsibility or liability.

3.2 Inability to render services

docaofficial.com takes every reasonable measure so as to make its services available in the working hours and established time limits. However, it does not assume any responsibility for the case of failure to render any service due to the culpability of the couriers it does business with, or malfunction in the internet services provider or the internet hosting services or the provider for the processing of internet payments or the provider of power or telecommunications services.

3.3 Malware

docaofficial.com utilizes professional tools and software for the continuous, on a 24-hour basis, monitoring and deterrence of malware from its code. However, under no circumstances does docaofficial.com assume liability and responsibility for the possible infection of the users' equipment from such software. In any case, it is recommended that upon your accessing the website docaofficial.com you have installed in your equipment a reliable and update antivirus software.

3.4 Civil liability due to loss of earnings

The sales realized regard products intended for personal use. docaofficial.com does not assume any civil liability due to loss of earnings, reputation or clientele.

4. Security of transactions

For the safety and security of your transactions, COSMOMODA SA employs in docaofficial.com the SSL 128bit encryption protocol. This way, all of your transactions are safely transmitted over the internet. Payments with credit/debit card are completed by redirecting the customer to the bank's secure environment and docaofficial.com never processes or saves any kind of information related to the customer's credit or debit card.

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