There are 4 payment methods:

Cash on delivery

You pay the courier with cash, when you receive the order
This payment method is only available in orders for Greece

Credit card / Debit card / Prepaid card

You can use your Credit card, Debit card or Prepaid card and feel safe for the transaction. Our online shop uses the latest security tools like the SSL Certificate which provide the highest levels of protection for business websites


The safest payment method worldwide with thousands of daily transactions.

Bank account

You can deposit the total amount of your order in our bank account and email the receipt of the transaction at: or by fax at: 0030 2310 695954. As soon as we will receive the receipt we will send the order. If we don't receive the receipt within 5 business days of the order, the order will be cancelled automatically.

*For the countries outside European Union there are extra custom taxes. The total cost depends on the country and on the total cost of the order and you will be informed from your local transport company

IBAN: GR67 0260 2060 0001 1020 0920 776

IBAN: GR70 0110 7410 0000 7414 7007 244